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Di Peng 彭第

I am a master student at VisLab, College of Computer Sicence, Sichuan University. My supervisor is Prof. Min Zhu. I got my bachelor degree at College of Computer Science, Chongqing University.

My research interests include Information Visualization, Visulization Analytics.



DMNEVis: A Novel Visual Approach to Explore Evolution of Dynamic Multivariate Network

Di Peng, Wei Tian, Binbin Lu, Min Zhu

The 2018 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC2018) in Miyazaki, Japan

A Prediction Method for User Professionalism Based on Question Granularity of Q&A Commuinty

Minzhu, Wei Tian, Di Peng, Yabo Su, Hao Niu

Advanced Engineering Sciences


Jul. 2018 - now 腾讯犀牛鸟项目
Tencent Rhino-Bird Project

Intern Student of Web Front-end Developer in Tencent Social Ads (TSA).
Jan. 2018 - now 基于旅游分享文本的可视化推荐系统(四川省科技厅重点研发项目)
A Visualization Recommendation System Based on Traval Blogs Data (Sichuan Science and Technology Program)

As the project manager of master students, I am mainly responsible for project management, web front-end and visualization system.
Apr. 2016 - Aug. 2016 基于智能手机的驾驶员检测和安全监控系统(全国大学生信息安全竞赛)
A Driver Detection and Safety Monitoring System Based on the Smart Phone (National College Student Information Security Contest)

We used SVM algorithm to train and classify the sensor waveform data returned by the smart phone so as to distinguish whether the mobile phone owner is the driver or not. At the same time, a series of safety mechanisms are introduced to ensure the safety of driving and mobile phone. The main tasks in this project are data collection and visual analysis.
Apr. 2016 - Aug. 2016 游乐宝(国家级大学生创新训练计划)
Youlebao (National Undergraduate Training Programs for Innovation)

As the project manager, I am mainly responsible for project management and WebApp front-end and back-end. The core of the project is firguring the number of queues of the amusement project in real time through the amusement park monitoring. Then we present the heat map through the WebApp, and recommend the optimal route for the tourists.


Sep. 2017 - Now Sichuan University, Chengdu, China
Master Degree in Computer Science and Technology (Postgraduate Recommendation)
2017 Summer Visualization Summer School of Peking University, Beijing, China
Student in Summer Session
Sep. 2013 - Jun. 2017 Chongqing University, Chongqing, China
Bachelor Degree in Information Security

Awards and Honor

Contest The First Prize in 9th National College Student Information Security Contest
Scholarship The First Prize Scholarship of Master Student of Sichuan University
National Scholarship in 2016
The Second Prize Scholarship of Chongqing University in 2017
The First Prize Scholarship of Chongqing University in 2016
The Third Prize Scholarship of Chongqing University in 2016
The Second Prize Scholarship of Chongqing University in 2015
The Second Prize Scholarship of Chongqing University in 2015
Honor Outstanding Member of CCF
Outstanding Graduate of Chongqing University